The Social Engagement System, Autism & Craniosacral Therapy

I believe and hope that one day we will understand much better how to support and care for people with mental health problems or those who are not neurotypical with sensory processing difficulties such as autism.  I hope we will also understand better how to support those who parent, care for and support children or Continue reading »

Researching Complementary Therapies – Do these therapies work?

There is a great deal of  clinical research conducted and vast sums are spent on it, yet what is learned does not necessarily get translated into changes in practice, especially in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. This is unless the research suggests the effects could be down to unexplained and none specific aspects Continue reading »

Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture

Some acupuncturists work with an understanding that each person has one of the five elements of Chinese medicine as a ‘guardian’ or constitutional element, conferring on a person, from the moment of their conception, particular gifts and qualities. Identifying and supporting the guardian element with treatment can bring about healing benefits as well as potentially Continue reading »