Treatment costs and client experiences

Treatment Costs from January 2018

(Please allow 50-60 minutes for your treatment)

Initial consultation and treatment session: £50

Babies and Children £35

Subsequent treatments £45

Babies and children £30

Course of five treatments (Adults) £160

With a course of five sessions the cost of the initial session (£45), can be deducted from the total amount – leaving £115 to pay For those with chronic health conditions needing long term treatment, or for clients who would like a health maintenance plan, treatment can be booked in blocks of 5 to make it more affordable.

Course of three treatments (Children) £80

As with adults the cost of the initial session (£35), can be deducted after the first session so the cost for the other two sesssions is £45.

I am happy to talk about a concessionary rate if needed – so please do ask about this. I am committed to doing what I can to make complementary therapies more accessible to people in need. I would love to see my therapies available on the NHS and believe there could be tremendous cost savings if they were more readily available, and complementary therapists were part of the state funded healthcare system.

Payment with cash or cheque is preferred.

Patient experiences

Hilary Little talks about her experience of treatment for back pain:

“My doctor actually said to me ‘I can’t give you anything else for your arthritis and the next step would be morphine’. I wasn’t going to try that because it would make me confused. My daughter recommended you because she had been so that’s where it all began. I just cannot believe how well I feel; the overall wellbeing as well as the relief of pain. The sciatica is much better too. I can be a bit sceptical about things – as if this were mind over matter – but it is perfectly true to me” (Mrs M, age 79, York, Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture Patient).

“When I came to see you I had shoulder pain and lower back pain aggravated by a fall a few months ago. Since then I have been in constant pain. After the craniosacral therapy treatment my lower back was completely pain free and felt more mobile whilst the pain in my shoulders had considerably reduced. I don’t profess to know how this treatment works but it made a big difference” (Mrs A, age 55, Haxby).

“I came originally for acupuncture and was interested in trying craniosacral therapy as this was also recommended. What I find is the acupuncture relaxes me and the craniosacral therapy takes this a step further. It feels like the treatment has great depth. In terms of health benefits my irritable bowel syndrome has improved and I no longer need medication for this. I also feel the treatment has made me feel lighter and lifted my spirits”. (Mrs F, age 71, Wilberfosse).

“When I came to see you I was in agony. I felt a tight band across my diaphragm that had been there for almost a week. Gaviscon and Omeprazol didn’t touch it. The acupuncture you did helped immediately and I became symptom free from then onwards. I would recommend this treatment to anybody”. (Mrs B, age 57, Haxby).

“I am a keen walker. After three treatments there was a marked improvement. To be honest I was surprised and impressed. The treatment was not the least bit painful and I would definitely recommend it” (Mrs L, age 71, York. Japanese Acupuncture Patient).

“I came because I had a serious medical condition (a liver condition), using acupuncture alongside conventional medicine. I had a number of symptoms. I suffered from insomnia and was worried about my health. I can honestly say things started to turn around when I began acupuncture and my quality of life and energy levels have been much better” ( Mrs W, age 61, Acupuncture Patient).