Short Films from Re-Connect to Health & Share Ideas

Share Ideas is a channel for stimulating, interesting and experimental short films that have meaning; be that spiritually, mentally or intellectually.

I have made four short films with Share Ideas. I hope you enjoy them!

An Introduction to Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy – co-written with Franklyn Sills

From the client’s perspective craniosacral therapy is a form of natural healing that requires nothing more from the recipient than presence. Gentleness is at the core of the craniosacral experience. Ill health can be a multifaceted problem; craniosacral therapy can potentially help to ease tensions and allow a realignment to original health. It is a form of energy healing, but instead of an external force directing the flow of energy, the craniosacral therapist tunes into the energy body and together with the client finds blockages and tries to bring some resonance to balance any discord found. It is a bonded healing experience, that can bring about an immanent feeling of wellbeing. If you are looking for a path to better health then craniosacral therapy is a beautiful modality that can assist you on that journey.

The Gifts of the Five Elements

This film takes you on a journey through the seasons of the year to explore the gifts of the five elements of Chinese medicine. Whilst all of the elements are of vital importance for us in our lives, some acupuncturists work with an understanding that there is one element, for each of us, that potentially connects us to a deep level of resourcing and inner healing. The psycho emotional aspects associated with each element are also given consideration in this film. A five element acupuncturist can help you realign yourself to your constitutional element and benefit from its gifts.

The Chinese Body Clock -co-written with Laura Brim

Wouldn’t it be great if you could live your life in tune with your body’s natural rhythms, going with the flow, rather than pushing against what your body really needs? This is what you will learn in this short film about the Chinese Clock. Understanding the Chinese clock tells us which aspects of our body’s energies are healthy or under stress. This knowledge can help us think about optimising our health and wellbeing. According to Chinese medicine, we all have a 24-hour cycle comprised of two-hour periods, each of which corresponds to a particular aspect of the body and its energies.

Epigenetics – A Key to Health and Well Being – co written with Laura Stuvé & Roberta Weber

The human genome is so complex that it has a code on top of it, the epigenome, which is an instruction manual so that the cells of the body can interpret the underlying DNA and activate genes when and where they are needed. The 23,000 genes are the recipes to create over a million proteins in the human body. While all the cells in the body have the same DNA blueprint, this second “epigenetic code” is distinct in each type of cell, and controls when, where and under what circumstances in the body, a gene’s protein recipe is required.


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