Booking an appointment and what to expect when you come for treatment

Please use my online booking system to make an appointment in Miller’s Yard, York, on a Thursday evening (5.30-8.30pm), or the Serenity Centre, Harrogate, on a Friday (10am-5pm). Please call me on 07779799110 or send an email to book outside of these times. I am based in York and work in Harrogate only on a Friday.

I will always endeavour to fit someone in at short notice but please try and give me 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation or you may be charged the full fee.

Please note that I accept cash or cheque only.

If you would like to buy a gift voucher for treatment for someone please contact me. CST makes a lovely gift – especially for a new baby. A fabulous way to welcome a little one.

What to expect at an appointment – How I work


In my work as an acupuncturist and CST (craniosacral therapy) practitioner I think about helping someone by keeping a neutral presence and maintaining a heart centred connection with them. Mindfulness techniques also play a big role in my work in helping clients to settle. As a session begins I help my clients connect to a sense of inner resource. I want them to orient to good feelings, and for them to feeling safe, grounded and centred. We talk a little about what has been going on in their life and what is most present for them at the moment. When they are ready, they go to lay on the treatment couch. I start by standing nearby and connecting with them energetically – so I can orient to them as a whole. I then move to their feet or shoulders to make contact physically, applying the lightest most gentle physical touch. When I feel a good energetic connection is made I may take the person’s pulses – tuning into the energy flow in their body using this method from traditional Chinese medicine. There are six pulses in each wrist and many different pulse qualities. I decide on a treatment approach together with my client and if we think acupuncture is likely to be beneficial. I gently insert needles, using guide tubes to minimise any pain. The needle techniques are usually painless and clients sometimes don’t notice they are inserted at all. In my Toyohari training I had to learn how to needle a balloon without bursting it!
I then work with simple holds to enable a person to connect more deeply with inner resources, and release bodily tensions. It can look like I am doing nothing externally – as all the work and change is actually happening inside the body. It is the body’s innate and marvellous wisdom that guides the treatment – in CST we call this the Inherent Treatment Plan. The more still and calm the person feels the better. The stillness the person experiences is called Dynamic Stillness – and the person’s potency increases within this still state of being. Potency feels like radiance – warmth, softness, expansion. One of my clients describes the treatment as being smoothed out.
As the treatment ends the client usually feels a deep sense of inner calm. The problems they came in with are smaller and seem further away and less insurmountable. The treatment continues unfolding over the next couple of days – in that the re-organisation and resettling takes place over the days to come. Most people come for a course of sessions, which gives space and allows a client to reflect on changes and perceived benefits over a few weeks. I see it as being about restoring, re-instating, supporting and keeping curious about a client’s responses and sensitivities.

Babies and Children

With babies and children the session includes parents and may be done with the mother or father holding the infant.  As much as possible the atmosphere should be calm and reassuring, so do bring favorite favorite toys or books – it can be helpful to have familiar objects. I try to connect with the little one energetically but not in an intrusive way at all. I do not use needles with infants and children and show parents techniques that they can easily and safely apply to help move a child’s qi. Little one’s are super sensitive so treatment sessions may be quite quick.

If you have any questions please do get in touch