Booking an appointment and what to expect when you come for treatment

Please call or email me to book an appointment in Harrogate or York. You may also use the online booking system to make an appointment in Miller’s Yard, York, on a Thursday, or the Serenity Centre, Harrogate, on a Friday.

I will always endeavour to fit someone in at short notice but please try and give me 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation or you may be charged the full fee.

Please note that I accept cash or cheque only.

What to expect at an appointment


The treatment is done on a treatment couch and clients remain fully clothed unless receiving acupuncture when clothing is removed to access the chosen points.  I usually settle clients with a ‘tune in’ hold at the shoulders or feet, which involves some relaxation and mindfulness techniques. When we both feel your system has settled, and you are comfortable and relaxed, the treatment may progress with acupuncture and/or craniosacral therapy. Many clients find the combination of these therapies to be very helpful but some will want just one therapy. I respect and work with my clients’ wishes. If acupuncture is used I may take your pulse several times during the session – to help select the points and as an indicator of how your body system is responding. With craniosacral therapy, treatment does not only focus on the head, and various areas of pain, or tense/bound up tissues may be gently held. Whichever treatment is used, I hope you will feel truly listened to. The approach is incredibly gentle, working with the body, at your pace, restoring vitality and health from within.

Babies and Children

The session includes parents and may be done with the mother or father holding the infant. If bringing a toddler please do bring a favourite toy or book.

If you have any questions please do get in touch