What to expect when you come for treatment & booking appointments

In person treatment, 1 hour sessions – Adults
As a session begins I help my clients connect to a sense of inner resource using mindfulness techniques. We may discuss what is most present for them in terms of concerns. I usually begin by making contact at the feet, or shoulders, using the lightest most gentle physical touch – through clothing. I decide on a treatment approach together with my client and if we think acupuncture is likely to be beneficial. I gently insert needles, using guide tubes, to minimise any pain.
With craniosacral therapy I work with simple listening ‘holds’ to enable a person to connect with inner resources, and release bodily held emotions and tensions. The healing process is something that happens naturally when the client enters deep states of stillness. There is no effort involved on the part of the client and the session is more about un-doing and letting go.
Most people come for a course of sessions, which gives space and allows a client to reflect on changes and perceived benefits over a few weeks. I see therapy as being about restoring, re-instating, supporting and keeping curious about a client’s responses and sensitivities to the treatment.


Babies and Children

Treating a baby with Craniosacral Therapy

Treating Babies and children

Working with craniosacral therapy I consider the impact of birth and prenatal experiences on the baby or child with parents.  If I use acupuncture it is Shonishin style, which is a light none invasive approach specific to Japanese acupuncture. You can learn more about it here.  It depends on the age of the little one how I work and I always work with parents in the room. Parents are very much part of the treatment and in some cases, where appropriate, I teach parents how to do Shonishin techniques themselves that they can easily and safely apply at home.

I will always endeavour to fit someone in at short notice but please try and give me 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation or you may be charged the full fee and not be reimbursed.

Payment for treatment by bank transfer or PayPal should be made in advance.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I might be able to help you