Sylvia Schroer’s Research Publications

From 2003 to 2007 I worked in the Health Sciences Department at the University of York. I was given the opportunity to study for a PhD to develop much needed research capacity in the field of complementary medicine. My post was funded by the National Institute of Health Research

The academic research articles and publications I have written are listed below


Schroer S, Kanaan M, MacPherson H and Adamson J (2011). Acupuncture for depression: exploring model validity and the related issue of credibility in the context of designing a pragmatic RCT. CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics

Schroer S and Adamson J (2010) Acupuncture for depression: a critique of the evidence base CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics

Schroer, S; MacPherson, H and Adamson, J (2009) Designing a RCT of acupuncture for depression – identifying appropriate patient groups: a qualitative study. Family Practice 2009 Jun;26(3):188-95.

Schroer S and MacPherson, H . (2009) Acupuncture, or non-directive counselling versus usual care for the treatment of depression: a pilot study. Trials 2009 10 (3)

MacPherson H and Schroer S. (2006) Acupuncture as a complex intervention for depression: A consensus method to develop a standardised treatment protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2006;15(2): 92-100

Schroer, S. (2005) Acupuncture narratives: patients explanatory models of acupuncture. European Journal of Oriental Medicine 5 (1): 34-43

Lo, V. and Schroer, S. (2005) Deviant Airs in “Traditional” Chinese medicine in Asian Medicine and Globalization (Ed, J, Alter). Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Press.

Schroer, S. (2004) Polluted bodies, individual responsibility and personal blame: A study of contemporary practice in the European context in relation to the Chinese medical concept of Xie.European Journal of Oriental Medicine 4 (5): 40-45

Sylvia Schroer was series editor for the UK, Australia and South Africa of the Chinese Medicine Cures books by Bob Flaws published by Foulsham. Titles include: PMS, Asthma and Hayfever, Depression, Arthritis, Headaches and Insomnia.