Advanced Classical Acupuncture – what is it?

A style of acupuncture that is gaining popularity in recent times, especially since the Covid pandemic, is Advanced Classical Acupuncture – following the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen and his students. Advanced classical acupuncture uses a much broader range of channels and acupuncture points than the standard approaches taught at undergraduate level in the UK. Advanced Continue reading »

Exciting new developments with acupuncture in the UK

Last Friday (15.1.21) I learned about a landmark change for the acupuncture profession within the UK. This change means that acupuncture professionals who have completed a three year degree level training are to be given the same recognition as osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists by the ONS (Office for National Statistics). It is wonderful to have Continue reading »

Prescription drug dependency – what’s the alternative?

We learned in the news this week that in the UK around one in four of us are taking prescription medications such as antidepressants, anti anxiety medications, painkillers and sleeping pills. Many people are using the drugs for far too long – they are no longer clinically appropriate. Professor Paul Cosford, medical director of Public Continue reading »

The Social Engagement System, Autism & Craniosacral Therapy

I believe and hope that one day we will understand much better how to support and care for people with mental health problems or those who are not neurotypical with sensory processing difficulties such as autism.  I hope we will also understand better how to support those who parent, care for and support children or Continue reading »