No inquest if your weight might have been a contributory factor in your death

This last week the sad and sorry saga with the Liverpool Area Coroner and the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority reached a new low point. My brother, Felix – who worked on the soap Hollyoaks for 20 years, tragically died of a heart attack at the age of 59 in March – just as the Covid Continue reading »

Doing the right thing in sickness and death

Over the past few months the world has been hit by a global pandemic that may be completely undetectable in terms of symptoms (especially in children), mimics flu in it’s early stages, or causes death – fairly rapidly. Wherever and however the pandemic started it is our collective responsibility to see as little harm and Continue reading »

Missed heart disease in Covid19 – what could help prevent this?

In my previous blog I wrote about how my brother had died after his heart disease was missed by the medical profession in the Covid 19 pandemic and he was treated for a respiratory infection with antibiotics. You can read the blog HERE In this blog I would like to reflect on what might have Continue reading »

A case of missed heart disease as the Covid 19 pandemic takes hold in the UK

We lost a good man on 20th March 2020. He was my brother. As he became more and more ill my brother sought medical help and reached out to friends and family – trying to make sense of what was happening to him – but none of us knew about his heart disease. We were Continue reading »

Prescription drug dependency – what’s the alternative?

We learned in the news this week that in the UK around one in four of us are taking prescription medications such as antidepressants, anti anxiety medications, painkillers and sleeping pills. Many people are using the drugs for far too long – they are no longer clinically appropriate. Professor Paul Cosford, medical director of Public Continue reading »

The Social Engagement System, Autism & Craniosacral Therapy

I believe and hope that one day we will understand much better how to support and care for people with mental health problems or those who are not neurotypical with sensory processing difficulties such as autism.  I hope we will also understand better how to support those who parent, care for and support children or Continue reading »