Online/Remote Chinese herbal medicine consultations

Online consultations, which can be any online platform you wish, or over the phone, can help people access herbal medicine support when its hard to see someone locally or in person. In the UK and Europe, only registered practitioners and medical doctors can prescribe Chinese herbal medicines.

I have been working with Chinese herbs since qualifying in Kampo in 1996 and I work with two classical traditions: Kampo and Jing Fang. You can read more about these approaches here.

I use a herbal pharmacy that is accredited with the relevant professional bodies and the herbs are manufactured by Sun Ten, a world leader in herbal medicine extraction techniques since 1946. The herbs come in powdered form (concentrated granules) making them convenient to take. The cost of the herbs in the UK is usually £28 for 100gms* including postage. Herbal prescriptions will be individually priced for Europe as postage may vary.  *100gms is approximately 2 weeks worth of herbal medicine.

Client experiences of the Online Service
Chinese herbs for eczema

“During the COVID-19 lockdown I had a flare up of eczema on my face, hands & neck. It wasn’t the first time I’d had a stress-related flare up, and this one was extremely itchy, sore, inflamed and hot, making it hard to sleep at night and challenging to focus on anything but my symptoms during the day.

I really wanted some relief from the eczema without having to go down the steroids route.
Sylvia offered me a virtual consultation, and was very kind, calm and empathic. It was lovely to be heard and to feel that I was in safe hands. The prescribed medicines arrived very quickly in the post.
When I had questions Sylvia responded swiftly and was very solicitous.
My skin is much improved and I am so relieved not to be using steroids” Ms U, London, England
Chronic health issues
“I came across Sylvia’s website when looking for a natural and effective way to help with some ongoing chronic health problems that were beginning to be tiresome. I am generally very fit and active, having been an athlete throughout my life, with a good diet and healthy lifestyle so I was fed up with being told by my GP that my issues were ‘just aging’ and with being prescribed one drug after another that made me feel ill – the last straw was a strong reaction that I had to an antibiotic I was prescribed for chronic sinusitis, which truly made me feel that I might die – causing a thumping, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and muscle spasms.
Sylvia is a lovely, thoughtful and intuitive person who makes a very careful diagnosis and prescribes a holistic treatment. The herbs she prescribed for me arrived in the post the day after my appointment and are very gentle and actually taste good! I can feel them gradually working for me already. With Chinese herbal medicine, the prescription is individual and is adjusted as you improve, dealing with every aspect of a condition until full health is restored, with no nasty or frightening side effects. I thoroughly recommend Sylvia and her online appointment service. Talking to her on Skype was almost like being in her clinic”. – Ms T, Kirkudbright, Scotland
Chinese herbs for a gynaecological condition
“I consulted with Sylvia because I was felling very unwell during the lockdown and had been diagnosed with an endometrial polyp.  Only now have I realised just how bad I was feeling before taking the herbs. I had also put 8 kg on in only a four month period, but now I am very close to my normal weight without any special efforts. I feel very well now” Ms Z, Crawley, England