Online Chinese herbal medicine consultations – treating during Covid19 & keeping patients and practitioners safe

The Covid 19 social distancing and isolation we must do to keep safe can be very hard on us mentally, emotionally and physically – when we may be dealing with ongoing or pre-existing health problems other than Covid 19 as well as the virus itself – if we do get it! So I am very excited to offer a Chinese herbal medicine and wellbeing support online consultation service to help you look after your health in these tough times.

Chinese herbs have been used to treat over 300 epidemics during the last 2000 years in China. In Japan, the Kampo formulae I work with are widely used for many illnesses – for example: respiratory conditions, skin conditions, gynaecological complaints, post viral fatigue, infertility, gall stones and inflamed gall bladder, gastric complaints, cystitis and urinary complaints, frozen shoulder, arthritis, panic attacks. digestive complaints, and depletion/illness recovery (see Kampo: A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice by Otsuka Keisetsu).

In the UK, only registered practitioners can prescribe Chinese herbal medicines. The two main organisations that regulate herbal medicine practitioners (we are voluntarily regulated) are the RCHM (Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) and the ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine). I have worked with Chinese herbs for 25 years and have been registered with the RCHM and am now with the ATCM for 10 years.

I will be able to provide you with herbs through an RCHM/ATCM accredited pharmacy service following your online consultation, which will be delivered by post.

Having someone listen to your symptoms and think about them from a different perspective can in itself be very helpful and bring new insight into health issues.My online consultations involve taking a full medical history – and I will also use mindfulness techniques to help you connect to your inner resources – and to feel calm and well supported.

Chinese herbs are individualised to each patient depending on a clients signs and symptoms and taking into account the medical history. An online consultation, which can be any online platform you wish, or over the phone, will take 30-60 minutes.

The cost of the initial consultation is 45 or £20 – students, unwaged, NHS/care home staff – and this includes a 15 minute follow up. Further consultations are £28 – or £15 for students/unwaged.

Payment can be by bank transfer or Paypal.

For patients who are seeking help because of concerns around Covid 19 the initial consultation cost includes daily check ins, if required and wished for – for two weeks.

The cost of the herbs is usually around £2 per day/£20 per forthnight’s herbs.

Please make sure you also consult with your GP/primary care physician/hospital etc – please do not use Chinese herbs as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Chinese herbs are being widely used across China for Covid 19 as a preventative treatment for the public and front line staff and to support people experiencing illness.  Approximately 90% of those infected with Covid 19 will receive Chinese herbs alongside conventional medicine. This link to a global webinar with Chinese frontline doctors may be of interest.

CGTN Global webinar with frontline doctors

Kampo practitioners have also been busy in the UK collating information about formula that can potentially help. Different formula are used depending on what the body needs in terms of support.

The treatment of Covid 19 falls into different stages:

Prevention and keeping healthy. I recommend excercises to support the lungs and breathing, and may also suggest home moxa therapy.

Helping the body expel the illness before it invades and goes deeper

Harmonising the body if the illness proceeds – giving support so your body can fight the pathogen

Detoxification when the illness has gone inside the body – clearing the body of the toxins and waste that have built up from fighting the illness

Promoting recovery and strengthening the person after illness

Pleae note that it is not possible to support hospital patients with Chinese herbs in the UK. 

A client writes about her experience of using the online consultation service

“I came across Sylvia’s website when looking for a natural and effective way to help with some ongoing chronic health problems that were beginning to be tiresome. I am generally very fit and active, having been an athlete throughout my life, with a good diet and healthy lifestyle so I was fed up with being told by my GP that my issues were ‘just aging’ and with being prescribed one drug after another that made me feel ill – the last straw was a strong reaction that I had to an antibiotic I was prescribed for chronic sinusitis, which truly made me feel that I might die – causing a thumping, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and muscle spasms.
Sylvia is a lovely, thoughtful and intuitive person who makes a very careful diagnosis and prescribes a holistic treatment. The herbs she prescribed for me arrived in the post the day after my appointment and are very gentle and actually taste good! I can feel them gradually working for me already. With Chinese herbal medicine, the prescription is individual and is adjusted as you improve, dealing with every aspect of a condition until full health is restored, with no nasty or frightening side effects. I thoroughly recommend Sylvia and her online appointment service. Talking to her on Skype was almost like being in her clinic”. – Catherine T, Kirkudbright, Scotland