Online Chinese herbal medicine consultations – keeping patients and practitioners safe

Please contact me if you are interested in an online consultation for Chinese herbs, which keeps both patients and practitioner safe.

In the UK, only registered practitioners can prescribe Chinese herbal medicines. I will be able to provide you with herbs through an Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM) accredited pharmacy service following your online consultation, which will be delivered by post.

Chinese herbs are individualised to each patient depending on their signs and symptoms and taking into account their medical history. An online consultation, which can be via Skype or Zoom, will take 30-45 minutes. The cost of the consultation (£45)  includes a 15 minute follow up.

For patients who are seeking help because of concerns around Covid 19 the cost is £50 as it includes daily check ins, if required and wished for. The cost of the herbs is usually around £2 per day. Please make sure you also consult with your GP/primary care physician/hospital etc – please do not use Chinese herbs as an alternative to conventional medicine. I am not medically qualified.

Chinese herbs are being widely used across China as a preventative treatment for front line staff and to assist people experiencing illness. A recent article by Dr Yang Ting (10/2/2020) about the Chinese herbal medicine treatment of Covid 19 describes how an app developed by the Chinese government is helping people with Covid 19.

The full article can be viewed here

TCM-Treatments-for-covid-19_by Dr Tang Ying 

“On February 19, 2020, an app was developed to specifically connect COVID-19 patients with TCM volunteer doctors throughout China who are not able to get to Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic. Thus far, over 3400 patients have had contact with a medical practitioner over the Internet. Following these on-line patient appointments, formulas are being prescribed and passed directly to local pharmacies for immediate disbursement to patients. In this way doctors are monitoring patient progress and making necessary modifications to their formulas via these Internet appointments. This method of caring for patients is gaining in popularity as it proving an effective method of treating patients, while minimizing the possibility of spreading the disease. These compassionate doctors are also calling their patients daily to ensure patient response to treatments and to ensure that patients are achieving full recovery. This close monitoring of patients, viathe Internet, by a devoted medical practitioner, has also served to enhance the patient sense of emotional well being which seems to positively affecting patient outcomes as well. Those who are healing feel that they have a doctor who is readily available to answer their questions, responds to their concerns and be an ongoing touchstone of support until the patient reaches full recovery”

If you wish to use Chinese herbs I would be happy to help.