A caring approach from a registered practitioner with a wealth of experience

At Re-Connect to Health you will receive:

  • A caring approach – Mindfulness techniques play an important role in my work.

  • A wealth of experience – I have 30 years of clinical experience. I have supported clients experiencing pain, trauma, stress, fatigue and a multitude of debilitating conditions. 

  • A holistic and truly complementary perspective – I look at the whole picture, listening carefully to my client’s illness story and considering all their symptoms.

  • Care from a registered practitioner – I am registered with the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & the Craniosacral Therapy Association. 

  • Care from a practitioner with an understanding of clinical research – I have a PhD in Health Sciences.

Re-connecting with the health within us

The primary aim of my therapeutic approach is about augmenting and re-connecting a person to Health. 

This is why I have called my business – Re-Connect to Health.

During the pandemic I offer an online service providing Chinese herbal medicine and well-being support. Please click this link to find out more about this service. 

“Sylvia is a lovely, thoughtful and intuitive person who makes a very careful diagnosis and prescribes a holistic treatment. The herbs she prescribed for me arrived in the post the day after my appointment and are very gentle and actually taste good! I can feel them gradually working for me already. With Chinese herbal medicine, the prescription is individual and is adjusted as you improve, dealing with every aspect of a condition until full health is restored, with no nasty or frightening side effects. I thoroughly recommend Sylvia and her online appointment service. Talking to her on Skype was almost like being in her clinic” (Catherine T. Kirkudbright, Scotland)

Keep your lungs healthy and strong! Please also click this link to a brilliant video of some Qi Gong exercises to help strengthen the lungs from Peter Deadman.


Please call me on 07779799110 or email me at info@re-connecttohealth.co.uk if you have an queries or would like to discuss your health issues.

I look forward to meeting you.

I do plan to go back to bodywork but not sure when this will be yet as I suffered a family bereavement during the pandemic and would like to give myself a bit of time and space. Sadly I lost my wonderful brother, Felix Schroer – not due to Covid 19 – but due to missed heart disease and lack of care. He wasn’t able to get to see a doctor in Liverpool, where he worked as a director of Photography on the soap Hollyoaks. He was given antibiotics – with no understanding that the cause of his breathing difficulties was due to a failing heart and pulmonary oedema. He suffered a heart attack after taking the antibiotics but didn’t know this was what happened because of being misled by the PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) that came with the drug (doxycycline – which is given at a double dose to start the course of treatment) into believing that he was just experiencing side effects from a much needed medication – for a chest infection he never had in the first place.

Getting an autopsy in the pandemic to understand why my brother had died was not straightforward and there is to be no inquest into his death because it was due to natural causes. I also didn’t get anywhere with the MHRA (Medicines Health Regulatory Authority) when I completed a Yellow Card. They didn’t seem to understand the need to take positive action to prevent future deaths.

To make matters worse the cause of my brother’s death was misreported by the tabloids after a tweet I had done about the lack of testing for Covid 19 was taken out of context to create a false narrative that Felix had died suspecting he had Covid 19 – in order to give the press a Covid 19 story to link the death with Hollyoaks’ production closure. I had no idea the tabloids were even looking at my twitter feed – or that they could misuse tweets – taking them out of the context of the thread and other relevant tweets, to mislead the public. I made a complaint to IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation) but this went nowhere. With the press regulating themselves there is a lack of ethical standards and wrong is seemingly made right – IPSO saw no need to apologise to me or the family and publish the real story.

All these futile battles with organisations and government bodies have left me feeling somewhat exhausted and demoralised. So I am looking after myself a bit now and taking some time out – and will just be online and at the end of the phone for now. I have been really enjoying helping people with safe herbal remedies during the pandemic and encouraging them to seek medical advice if they have issues with medication. Please, if you have breathing difficulties, think about your heart as well as your lungs. It is so easy to mistake heart disease for a respiratory infection – and give treatment that harms instead of helps. The British Heart Foundation has good information and support.