Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy and Kampo – Supporting Your Health

What I offer you

I offer Acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy, which can combine beautifully with each other and can work in synergy to support the natural healing processes of the body, helping you to be as well as you can be, more naturally. These therapies can be further augmented with Kampo medicine, a form of Chinese herbal medicine based on classical prescriptions and widely used in Japan. 

  • More than 25 years of clinical experience as a psychologist and complementary therpist
  • Qualified research scientist with a PhD in Health Sciences
  • Registered with relevant professional bodies and clinical associations: the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine; the Craniosacral Therapy Association; the Toyohari Association; the Kampo Association

I offer you my total commitment to support you and help you reorient yourself to your blueprint of original health – to support the natural healing forces that are always present in your body, to re-balance your system, and to help you connect with your inner resources. When you are well resourced and your nervous system is calm, you will find that vitality, energy and a sense of feeling connected with yourself and others can replace worry, pain and stress – whatever the constraints imposed by external conditions or illness. Real health and well-being lies within the body, mind and spirit and it is always available to us no matter how ill we are physically or mentally, or what obstacles we face. The approaches I work with help you to reconnect to this wellspring of inner health.

Can these therapies help me?

The therapies I offer can, potentially, help anyone. This is because promoting health and well being in the body is quite different from treating illness per se.  There is good evidence the therapies I offer support heart rate variability to achieve heart coherence and regulate the nervous system and endocrine system – the HPA axis. All of this is beneficial to health.

On a typical clinic day I might see:

  • a baby who suffered a traumatic birth
  • a client with Parkinsons
  • a gentleman with neurological symptoms
  • a teenage girl with painful periods and IBS
  • a young woman coping with chronic fatigue 
  • a woman who has suffered many miscarriages and would like to conceive
  • a middle aged woman with back, neck and shoulder pain

I encourage my patients to seek medical advice whenever needed and usually I find my clients have previously sought help from their doctor or an another healthcare practitioner, conventional or otherwise. Often I am the last resort.

It is important to allow the treatments time to work and heal, but I would hope and expect some benefits to be apparent within the first few sessions. Remember it is your body that is doing the healing work. I am just helping remove blocks and assisting the natural healing processes. 

Do these therapies work with other treatments?

Yes! Indeed they do. Whether you are having conventional or complementary healthcare for a physical or psychological issue, the healing therapies I offer can potentially be of great assistance to promote health.

Please call me on 07779799110 or email me at to reconnect to the health within!