A caring approach from a registered practitioner with a wealth of experience

At Re-Connect to Health you will receive:

  • A caring approach – Mindfullness techniques play an important role in my work.

  • A wealth of experience – I have 30 years of clinical experience. I have supported clients experiencing pain, trauma, stress, fatigue and a multitude of debilitating conditions. 

  • A holistic and truly complementary perspective – I look at the whole picture, listening carefully to my client’s illness story and considering all their symptoms.

  • Care from a registered practitioner – I am registered with the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & the Craniosacral Therapy Association. 

  • Care from a practitioner with an understanding of clinical research – I have a PhD in Health Sciences.

Re-connecting with the health within us

The primary aim of my therapeutic approach is about augmenting and re-connecting a person to Health. 

This is why I have called my business – Re-Connect to Health.

During the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown I am really excited to launch an online service providing Chinese herbal medicine and wellbeing support. Please click this link to find out more about this service.

“Sylvia is a lovely, thoughtful and intuitive person who makes a very careful diagnosis and prescribes a holistic treatment. The herbs she prescribed for me arrived in the post the day after my appointment and are very gentle and actually taste good! I can feel them gradually working for me already. With Chinese herbal medicine, the prescription is individual and is adjusted as you improve, dealing with every aspect of a condition until full health is restored, with no nasty or frightening side effects. I thoroughly recommend Sylvia and her online appointment service. Talking to her on Skype was almost like being in her clinic” (Catherine T. Kirkudbright, Scotland)

Please also click this link to a brilliant video of some Qi Gong exercises – to help strengthen the lungs – from Peter Deadman.

Please call me on 07779799110 or email me at info@re-connecttohealth.co.uk if you have an queries. I look forward to meeting you.