Treating Mental Health and Stress problems with Acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy

I have been involved with acupuncture for more than 30 years. I studied craniosacral therapy later, completing a two year professional training in 2013. I first became involved with acupuncture in the 1980s when I saw how it helped a friend suffering with depression, and I made a choice at this stage not to return to study clinical psychology, which I had previously been interested in – and to look at what the East and the Chinese had to offer – with approaches that predated Cartesian Dualism, and the mind body split. I had felt frustrated that the mind and the body were so disconnected with each other in psychology when I studied this in the 1970s.

Both acupuncture and craniosacral therapy are widely used for the treatment of physical pain and discomfort – but both therapies work through the body – on the mind and emotions, and they are therapies par excellence for stress and emotional problems.

These two therapies may be used to support people with mental health issues, alongside other treatment – psychological therapies or medication, and other complementary approaches.

I am passionate about using my therapies to help people with mental health problems and for this reason chose to do a PhD on the treatment of depression with acupuncture. My doctoral research led to a major clinical trial that examined whether acupuncture and counselling were beneficial for patients with depression, as well as looking at pain as a variable – we wanted to find out whether patients who also suffered with painful symptoms together with depression (estimates vary but about 60% of patients may suffer with both), would improve, through treatment with acupuncture and counselling. Results were positive for acupuncture and counselling, and acupuncture was more helpful when patients had depression and pain together than, counselling – findings were published in the BMJ

Whatever the reasons behind a person’s stress and illness responses the approaches I use can potentially assist, through orienting the individual to their inner health, and returning them to states of calm and peace with my approaches. Acupuncture, with the Five Element approach, can have profound effects in terms of connecting a person to their inner core of strength – and to their constitutional element, which brings a sense of comfort and re-connection that can be very beneficial when there is mental and emotional turmoil. The gentle Japanese approaches can also be so calming, and craniosacral therapy is all about calming the nervous system.

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