Chinese herbs for long Covid

Chinese herbs have played a vital role in the treatment of Covid 19 – where approximately 90% of those infected with Covid 19 in China will receive Chinese herbs alongside conventional medicine. But in the UK there is no infrastructure to support the integrated healthcare approach that is needed to help patients with acute illness where symptoms swiftly change and different herbs may be needed when they do.

When illness lingers though, as with long Covid – Chinese herbs can potentially come into their own.

Understanding where an individual needs support is the key to helping recovery from long Covid or any lingering infectious illness.

Through a careful holistic diagnosis that looks at the individual’s physical and mental state in the context of their lifeworld it is possible to understand where the support is needed – and prescribe Chinese herbs that assist.

The consultation is done online and herbs will arrive within 2-3 days from an ATCM accredited supplier. Please click this link to find out more

Please note that it is not possible for Chinese herbal medicine practitioners to support hospital patients with Chinese herbs in the UK.