Chinese herbs for the treatment of Long Covid

Emerging evidence indicates that Covid 19 is a multi-system disease that can have a persistent and long- term impact on a person’s health.  Evidence suggests:

  • The development of Long Covid does not appear to be related to initial acute illness severity
  • There seems to be a relationship between the number of illness symptoms experienced in the acute phase of illness and the development of Long Covid.
  • Long Covid generally follows a pattern of recovery and relapse rather than gradual improvement.
  • Long Covid affects more women than men and older people
  • Prevalence estimates vary greatly ranging from 10-50% of people infected with Covid going on to develop Long Covid
  • Mental health issues, post-traumatic stress, inflammatory illness and poor immunity may all play a contributory role in the development of Long Covid
  • Links between antibiotic use and Long Covid are being questioned due to the impact of antibiotics on the microbiome.

How Chinese herbs help

Chinese herbs rely on the practitioner developing an individualised understanding of the person’s condition and bodily systems. Symptoms are manifestations of bodily and psychological disharmony and it is important to listen to them – for they are the clue to healing. So I ask a lot of questions about symptoms – to try and find out what the underlying problems are.

The herbal remedy I prescribe will be a mixture of different medicinals where the aim is to support the body/mind at whatever level it needs assistance.

Treatment with Chinese herbs is an iterative process and my client’s response to the herbs will guide further clinical decisions. A course of treatment may be over a period of two to six months or longer for Long Covid. There will be symptomatic improvement but the illness tends to follow a recovery relapse pattern – so its helpful to have someone who can understand what your body is saying if you do relapse.

The consultation can be done online and the herbs (I use powdered or granulated herbs, which have good quality control) will arrive within 1-3 days from an ATCM accredited supplier. Please call me if you have any queries and click this link to find out more about online consultations with Chinese herbs.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or would like to discuss your case.